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Company Profile

Shenzhen Brosen Precision Mold Co. Ltd was originally founded in 2001, in 2010 we created a new state of the art facility to build some of the most precision tools in the world. Shenzhen City is the home to a special economic zone with splendid scenery city and a vast opportunity for growth. It’s located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Brosen is dedicated to designing and manufacturing high performance, multi-cavity hot runner injection molds for the plastic packaging industry. Our focus has been on pharmaceutical & medical grade products as well as packagings for food & beverage, daily-use, thin-wall and so on.


After years of development, we have grown to be one of the top international suppliers of multi-cavity hot runner solution clients. Our designs are very compact, more practical, and best of all can offer you cost savings during production. For example, we have produced a 192-Cavity valve gated hot runner tool for a Large Infusion Cover utilizing only a 380t injection molding machine, also a 96-Cavity Transfusion Grip Hook outer cover mold utilizing only a 280t injection molding machine. Using your existing injection molding equipment to design higher cavitation tools will both improve your production efficiency and your production capacity. We have developed 4+4 thin-wall stack molds, 192 cavity cap molds, PP+TPE two-shot cap molds, IML (in-mold labeling) & IMC (in-mold cap closing) molds and much more. We believe our name speaks for itself based on feedback from our high-end international customers. Our quality standards and precision are second to none in this industry. Our molds are currently being exported to Germany, USA, France, Japan, Russia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, Mexico and India etc.


Here at Brosen, our professional design and development team doesn't only help you with part design, R&D, sampling, and tool building but can help you to cooperate with other suppliers to create a one-stop service.


"Creating the greatest valve for customers" is the obsolute mission here in brosen. Being a reliable business parter to our clients, we sincerely hope to work together and create a better future with you!